Just Like Heaven

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Name: Just Like Heaven
Creator: Mark Waters (director)
Based on If Only It Were True (Et si c'était vrai...)' by Marc Levy
Date(s): September 16, 2005
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: United States
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Just Like Heaven is a DreamWorks romantic comedy fantasy film starring Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, and Jon Heder. It is based on the French novel If Only It Were True (Et si c'était vrai...) written by Marc Levy.


A lonely landscape architect, David, falls for the spirit of the beautiful woman, Elizabeth, who used to live in his new apartment.[1]


Like most romantic comedy movie fandoms Just Like Heaven's fandom is quite small. Fanfiction dedicated to the fandom is mainly posted to FanFiction.net, while Just Like Heaven Movie AUs with other fandoms are posted to Archive of Our Own. Tumblr has some gifs or images of the movie.

David/Elizabeth is the main pairing in the fandom.

Just Like Heaven Movie AUs have appeared in various fandoms, some using the basic plot of someone moving into an apartment of a comatose patient that ends up haunting them.

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