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Title: Jump In
Creator: Culf
Date: May 9, 2009
Format: mp4
Length: 03:13, 14MB
Music: "Jump In" by No More Kings
Fandom: The Professionals, Life on Mars, Starsky & Hutch
Footage: original source material
URL: Vidder's LiveJournal]

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"Jump In" is a Multifandom vid by Culf. It is a tribute to the vidder's "favorite 70s coppers; Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler, Bodie, Doyle, Starsky and Hutch".

This vid was recommended by LilyK aka sc_fossil on Crack Van on February 27, 2011: "This vid is just plain fun. This crossover vid combines three of my all time favourite shows in one vid so it makes me such a happy camper to watch. The tune is bouncy and energetic and the clips are well placed. It's the 70s at its best! *bg*"