Joxer Luvs Ares Archive

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Name: Joxer Luvs Ares Archive
Date(s): October 10, 2000[1] - 2005?
Type: slash
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback) (old link)
Joxer Luvs Ares Archive.png
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Joxer Luvs Ares Archive is the archive for the Joxer-Luvs-Ares mailing list.[2] It was originally hosted by GeoCities.

The page was a member of The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring, The Subtext of a Different Kind Webring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, the Ares and Joxer Slash Ring, the A.R.E.S. webring and A Ring of Ted Raimi[3]. The archive went down at the end of 2005.[4]


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