Jedi Exiles

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Title: Jedi Exiles
Author(s): Nimori
Date(s): 2003?
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Star Wars TPM
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Jedi Exiles is a Star Wars TPM series by Nimori.

Summary: Eight Jedi padawans know a secret no one will believe.

Author's note:

When I began writing Jedi Exiles, I had no idea it would grow to such massive proportions. I started with ten or twelve planned parts, but the initial story, now called Year Zero, ended up split into twelve parts itself, and each section I wrote inspired me to fill in the gaps of what started as a simple adventure story, until it turned into a space opera with smut. The series outline is now at an estimated fifty-four parts, with a few more which are only vague ideas at the moment; for instance there will almost certainly be character interludes for Bruck, Garen, and Zen, and possibly Xanatos and Tyyshie (though Tyyhie is doubtful as she's a POV character and the character interludes are intended to delve into the non-POV characters' minds). At present I have twenty-three of these episodes written, and another six in progress.The structure has always been similar to a television series, with Year Zero as the pilot, an ongoing objective, and both stand-alone and serial episodes.

Recs and Reviews

A glorious series, with much promise, but unfortunately -- a WIP. Nimori has very occasionally added on bits and pieces, but I'm not terribly hopeful she'll finish this highly original and complex series. *sniff* It's a wonderful AU, a what-if story of a group of padawans who rebel against the Order and leave to fight the Dark side themselves. Nimori captures adolescent angst and uncertainly so wonderfully. Absolutely worth a read, even though it's unfinished.[1]


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