JMSNews: The J. Michael Straczynski Message Archive

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Name: JMSNews: The J. Michael Straczynski Message Archive
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JMSNews: The J. Michael Straczynski Message Archive is an archive of messages posted by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) between 1991-2008.


Joe has been an active member of the on-line community for over 17 years. He has provided his insights on the television industry, writing, politics, philosophy, and has answered 1000's of questions about Babylon 5.

The level to which Joe has made himself accessible to the internet community is unprecedented. Never before has a writer/producer of a major television series represented himself on-line and interacted directly with fans to this degree.

The purpose of this site is to provide an ongoing archive of the 17,000+ messages JMS has posted over the past 17 years. We hope the site will be useful to fans of Joe's work and those interested in the entertainment industry. [1]

From the FAQ

Is this site affiliated with JMS or Babylon 5?

This site is operated independently and has no official connection with JMS. The site has received permission from JMS to repost his messages. This site was created and is managed by Doug Olson.

What types of messages are archived here?

This site contains an archive of JMS messages posted to Usenet, CompuServe, AOL, and Genie from 1991 to present. New messages posted from JMS to the usenet forums, rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe, and are automatically archived.


Who kept track of all these JMS messages over the years?

Many people graciously volunteered their time over the years to archive JMS's messages. This site wouldn't exist without their hard work and dedication. Some of the people I'd like to acknowledge are Erez Zadok, John Hardin, Brent Barrett, and Lee Whiteside. I'm sure there are many others who contributed their time and energy to keeping the archives alive. If you are a person who archived JMS messages (or know someone that did), please send me a message with the details. [2]


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