Itsuki Minami/Ringo Noyamano

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Pairing: Itsuki Minami/Ringo Noyamano
Alternative name(s): Ikki/Ringo
Gender category: het
Fandom: Air Gear
Canonical?: Yes (manga), one-sided (anime)
Other: Pseudo-Incest
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Itsuki "Ikki" Minami/Ringo Noyamano is a het pairing in the Air Gear fandom. The pair were introduced at the start of the manga, with Ringo having a crush on Ikki.


Ikki and Ringo were raised together with their two other sisters and no parents. Ringo developed a crush on Ikki, however, he was initially interested in Simca. Their relationship continued to grow throughout the manga, with Ringo helping Ikki to develop his skills with air trecks, and they end up together in the final arc of the manga. Due to the anime ending before the manga, it did not cover enough of the story to show them ending up together.


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