It Takes A Woman

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Title: It Takes A Woman
Publisher: Catstealers-Zines
Type: art portfolio
Date(s): 2017
Medium: print and digital
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″, 52 pages
Fandom: Overwatch
Language: English
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It Takes A Woman is an art zine focusing on the female characters of Overwatch, featuring artwork by various artists.


“It Takes A Woman” is a fanzine hosted by Catstealers-Zines to celebrate and appreciate all the girls in Overwatch. This fanzine is comprised of 44 individual pieces of artwork featuring a different one of the 10 girls that makes up the roster in Overwatch.

Volume 1

It Takes a Woman.png


14baristonoir, aishasauce, alacroix, artbytesslyn, asheternal, azurelya, benwy, birdscribbles, ci-bear, cranitys-art, dani-draws-stuff, desekos, diebbie, domirine, enchanted-sage, equinoce, feaqu, fyangers, genjigo, harrison2142, hattersarts, hattypants, jaizure, jaxens, jeweledbranchofhourai, kosmikart, moorhsu, mootecky, noodl, okayseesee, onetiredwitch, petitecreme, sara-wawa, sealitre, shimadraws, siruoasart, sketchesfortrash, spacegull, sparklenaut, spidrcidr, steelsuit, tapilittle, vapewraith,

Volume 2

It Takes a Woman2.png


Abba, Aimee D, Alisa Bishop, Artbytesslyn, Bakeddeer, Candy Chameleon, Charli, Dan, Di, Florastiel, Frey Quinn, Grace Gonzaga, Grey Allison, Herbal-Milktea, Idaida, Kalvzr, Kami, Kerry, Maddie Barclay, Maggie N, MaloKing, Margo Sikes, Meow, Meribo, Monkan, NeoWish, Nina, Rayen Hirsch, Robohero, Roll, Sam, Samy, Sarah Talbot, Shannon Talbot, Siins, Siruoa, Sparklenaut, Ssaravinter, Steffani Lawhead, Tess!, Veradia,