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Name: Isis Awards
Date(s): 2005-?
Frequency: annual
Type: fan fiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis
URL: Isis Awards Website
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The Isis Awards are awards given to Stargate SG1 fan fiction that focuses on het or ship relationships between the characters. The awards later grew to include characters fro, Stargate Atlantis."...the Isis Awards were created to showcase those ships in Stargate fandom that don't get quite as much attention as others on the various fanfiction archives and in fandom-wide awards. We wanted everyone to feel like their pairing was getting noticed, no matter how obscure." [1]

"...if you're a Stargate fan who 'ships Daniel/Janet, Sam/Daniel, Daniel/Sha're, Jack/Janet, Sam/Teal'c, Jack/Sara, Teal'c/Drey'auc, Teal'c/Ishta, Sam/Jonas...pretty much any het couple *other* than Sam/Jack, we want you to get involved!

"So why the "Isis Awards"? For three reasons: 1) Isis was Osiris' queen and since Osiris wasn't female before Sarah, that means she was involved in a het 'ship, 2) we never saw her alive, so we can pretend that she wouldn't have been mean and cruel and villainous like Hathor, and 3) we never saw her alive, so how much more secondary can you get?"[2]

Ship/Het Relationships Eligible for Awards in 2008


  • Cameron Mitchell/Elizabeth Weir
  • Cameron Mitchell/Teyla Emmagan
  • Daniel Jackson/Elizabeth Weir
  • Jack O'Neill/Elizabeth Weir
  • John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran
  • Elizabeth Weir/other
  • Sam Carter/other
  • Vala Mal Doran/other


  • Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam
  • Cameron Mitchell/original character
  • Cameron Mitchell/Sam Carter
  • Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran
  • Daniel Jackson/Janet Fraiser
  • Daniel Jackson/original character
  • Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter
  • Daniel Jackson/Sha're
  • Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
  • Jack O'Neill/Sara O'Neill
  • Malcolm Barrett/Sam Carter
  • Malek /Sam Carter
  • Martouf /Sam Carter
  • other/other
  • Sam Carter/other


  • Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman
  • Carson Beckett/Teyla Emmagan
  • Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir
  • Evan Lorne/Laura Cadman
  • Evan Lorne/Teyla Emmagan
  • John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan
  • Marshall Sumner/Elizabeth Weir
  • Michael Kenmore/Teyla Emmagan
  • Rodney McKay/Elizabeth Weir
  • Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller
  • Rodney McKay/Katie Brown
  • Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan
  • Ronon Dex/Elizabeth Weir
  • Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller
  • Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan
  • Elizabeth Weir/other
  • Evan Lorne/other
  • John Sheppard/other
  • other/other
  • Teyla Emmagan/other