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Name: Ira Gladkova
Type: former OTW Board member (2011 - 2013)
Fandoms: various
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Ira Gladkova was a member of the Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors for a three-year term from 2011-2013. Gladkova was elected in November 2010 and served until the end of 2013, with a hiatus for part of 2011. Zie[1] was Elections Officer for 2011, and served as OTW Secretary for the first half of 2013 and as President for the latter half.[2]

Gladkova has requested that others not publicly link hir fannish identity to hir legal name:

"While it's not hard to figure out who I am, what my fannish identity is, I would appreciate it if people did not announce the connection too much. I'm not too fussed about keeping the two strictly separate, and will sometimes link from the fannish journal to this one, but I would appreciate it if the degree of connection between the two identities were left in my control."[3]

OTW Biography

Ira Gladkova is a Web designer and developer who focuses on user interfaces, usability, accessibility, and Web standards. A lifelong fan and media omnivore, zie has particular interest in fan projects that bring together diverse communities and media. A community moderator and staff of two fandom newsletters, hir work in an annual multi-fandom exchange involves co-moderation, the design and front-end coding of signup forms, and crafting guidelines that use inclusive language and welcome diversity across media, kinks, and gender preferences. Gladkova has created stories, art, comics, and graphics in over fifty fandoms, is an active reccer and beta reader, and hopes to finish hir first vids soon. Zie has an unfortunate propensity for falling in love with background characters.[4]


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