Invisible Man Teaser Videos

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Vid Collection
Title: Invisible Man Teaser Videos
Vidder(s): IMMP (Invisible Man Marketing and Promotion)
Date: 1999 or earlier (creation date of the files on the DVD)
Format: VCR/DVD
Length: 7:15 min (approximate)
Fandom (s): Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man Teaser Videos was a two vid DVD created by IMMP (Invisible Man Marketing and Promotion) which was founded to help promote the TV show in an effort to renew the TV show. The two videos were shown at the 2003 Bascon vid show.

The DVD contains

  • "Thief of Hearts (Oh Yeah)" by IMMP
  • Precious Illusions/Ralph", a song by Alanis Morrisett and edited by Studios USA & Stu Segall

More info about IMMP and their two year campaign to save Invisible Man can be found here.