Inverted Blake

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Title: Inverted Blake
Publisher: Inverted-A, Inc., out of Grand Prairie, Texas
Editor(s): Aya Katz
Date(s): 1989-1990
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Inverted Blake is a gen anthology fanzine.

Issue 1

cover issue #1, Linda K. Holt
flyer for issue #1

Inverted Blake 1 was published in July 1989 and contains 100 pages.

The art is by Linda K. Holt (front cover), Elli Thurmond, Robert Eastman, J. Medina, Marilu Bentley, Sena Brothers, and A.R. Wilkins, Jr.

  • Errand of Honor, fiction by Anna Piast ("'How dare you come here, after what you have done?' Kerr did not smile, but there was humor in his voice. 'You mean after ridding you of your worst enemy, Mr. President? That accursed Federalist, I believe you called him.' Blakerson got to his feet took a few steps toward Kerr. He towered over the smaller man. 'I mean, after committing murder.'")
  • Existence and Uniqueness, fiction by Nets Hawk
  • Raison d'etre, fiction by Aya Katz
  • A Golden Dragon, fiction by Connie Hamilton/Sara Talbot ("'Have you found anything?' Blake asked quickly and quietly. 'I've been dodging patrols.' 'I've found the person we're looking for,' Avon answered softly, rising to his feet. 'But I'm going to need help to get to her.' 'Get to her? What happened?' Blake had many questions to ask Avon, but most could wait for later. 'She fell off a cliff and is unconscious on a cliff.'")
  • Chilianchi, fiction by Sena Brothers
  • Little Black Leather Stud, fiction by A.R. Wilkins Jr.
  • That Nice Young Man, fiction by Aya Katz ("Vila sauntered up to him, as though the remark had been an open invitation. He patted Avon on the shoulder. 'Yes, but that was before I knew we had a murderer among us. You know, I always thought well of you, Avon. Really, I did. Whenever I had a problem, I thought: 'Avon will take care of it.' But now, I've been thinking and thinking and I've realized that under that kindly exterior...'")
  • Lambed Down, fiction by Sena Brothers
  • A Real Nutcase, fiction by Nets Hawk ("'Then he's faking it. Put him on verifier scan. Torture him. Tear him limb to limb.' 'We've done all that, Madam. He still insists his name is Joseph Bunger.' Servalan shook her head. 'I don't understand.'")
  • Dark Snake Winding, fiction by Sena Brothers ("The party ended at last, and the women left for their rooms, presumably to discuss the dinner conversation. Avon would listen in later, on the recording his ship made for him. Shevron departed to his own room, leaving Avon to reflect alone over the dirty dishes.")
  • Rowena, filk by Aya Katz, Shoshana, Shoshana, by H. Hefer, folk tune; AATA universe
  • It's Roj Blake's Theme", filk by Joe Isham, with help from Remedial Filkers Sean Blane, Aya Katz, Michael Tong and Karen Wittum, It's Garry's theme, by Gary Shanding and Alan Zweibl)
  • Blake, the Mind-wiped Rebel, filk by The Remedial Filkers (Sean Blane, Pat Brown, Joe Isham, Aya Katz, Nets Katz, Apryl Raitt, Dave Smith, Rachelle Smith, Sharon Sullivan, and Michael Tong), Puff, the Magic Dragon, by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton)
  • I Just Woke You Up to Bug You, filk by The Remedial Filkers (Joe Isham, Aya Katz and Karen Wittum), I Just Called to Say I Love You, by Stevie Wonder)
  • Bartholomew Is All Over Town, filk by Aya Katz, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town)
  • Gauda Prime, filk by Aya Katz, Bab el Wad, words H. Guri, music S. Pereshko)
  • Aya Katz, "Hell, poem by Aya Katz

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This is an exceedingly strange zine. I don't quite know what to make of it. Many of the stories are humorous, but it's a very grim kind of humor.

My favorite things in the zine are the poem "Hell" and especially the illo that goes with it-- the wall scene from "Rumours," but with the positions reversed. Servalan is running her hand through the hair of the chained Avon. Yum. (Of course, it's not altogether accurate as an illustration-- he looks to be still in pretty good shape in the picture, whereas in the poem he talks about how they've been beating him in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of Orac. But I suppose one can't have everything. :) [1]

Frankly, INVERTED BLAKE in my opinion was an awful series. Different strokes for different folks.... (I "gutted" all four zines for Blake and will either bury the remains in a trash can or donate them to someone else to pick through.) I do cannibalize zines now. [2]

Issue 2

Inverted Blake 2 was published in 1990 and has 100 pages. Cover art by Linda K. Holt.


  • Illustration by Linda K. Holt
  • Anna's car by Tom Moore
  • No martyr by Aya Katz
  • Illustration by J. Medina

First series

  • Illustration by J. Medina, poem
  • Blake, Blake by Aya Katz, poem
  • Bound for the pen by Aya Katz, poem
  • Meegat, to her God by Aya Katz, poem

Second series

  • Illustration by Elli Thurmond
  • The price by Sara Talbot

Third series

  • Those who wait by Aya Katz
  • Illustration by Elli Thurmond

Fourth series

  • Illustration by Linda K. Holt
  • Final obsession by Richard McCoy
  • Assassin by Aya Katz , poem

Post Gauda Prime

  • The end of the rebels Blake's 7 by Richard McCoy, poem
  • Poisonous stimulants by Irene Stubbs
  • Illustration by Elli Thurmond
  • Illustration by Linda K. Holt
  • Illustration by J. Medina
  • A real nutcase by Nets Hawk
  • Let sleeping gods lie by Sena Brothers
  • Illustration by Linda K. Holt p97 - Avon, Servalan
  • Guidelines for contributors


"Well, what I liked best in Inverted Blake 2 is the long PGP story by Irene Stubbs. It's got strategy, secrecy, space battles, and a lovely image, as if seen through the window or whatever of the space ship, of Avon and Tarrant having coffee together."[3]


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