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Title: Institutionalized
Editor(s): Rowan F.?
Date(s): 2001
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Oz (HBO)
Language: English
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Institutionalized is a gen, het and slash Oz e-zine anthology.

Dirty by Actizera

  • During New Year's lockdown, Keller has his own special way of making life a bit more interesting.

Outsmarting Them by Ardent

  • Shirley Bellinger shares some hard earned wisdom.

Jailbait by Rowan F.

  • Vern Schillinger meets Chris Keller at Lardner, 1978.

Visiting Day by Data

  • Suzanne Fitzgerald's thoughts on reuniting with her son.

Drumbeat by Kate Bolin

  • Adebisi's rhythm.

Poison Apples by Gemma Files

  • The secret notes. Set in the Hearts & Flowers universe.

Big Yellow Taxi by Dargelos

  • Ten years out of Oz, a paroled Tobias Beecher meets a familiar stranger.

The "Lucky" Series* by Colleen Kane

  • Ryan O'Reily avenges his injured lover.

Other content:

  • Lucky
  • Unlucky
  • Providence
  • Chance
  • Instant Heaven (A "Lucky" universe prequel)