Inside Grey's Anatomy

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Mailing List
Name: Inside Grey's Anatomy
Date(s): 25 March 2005 to June 2017
Moderated: Yes
Type: Discussion, fanfiction
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Scope: Episode discussion and shipping
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Inside Grey's Anatomy was a Yahoo group that had moderated membership and posting, with 621 members at its close. The group's peak period was in 2006-2007. While posting diminished rapidly by 2010, when it was active it had as many as 1912 messages a month.


Welcome to the tenth season of the hottest private Grey's Anatomy list in Yahoo Groups! Here, we discuss the show and it's characters in an intelligent and thought provoking manner. We also welcome fanfiction if you so desire. Please play nice and don't run with scissors. Let's have fun and share. There is a lot of participation on this list and we are an interesting bunch with lots to talk about. As an adult content show, so should be the members of this list. However, profanity and spam are not welcome. Come on in. We are shipper friendly.