Innocent Blood (film)

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Name: Innocent Blood
Creator: John Landis (Director), Michael Wolk (writer)
Date(s): 1992
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: USA
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Innocent Blood is a 1992 American horror rom-com and gangster movie, directed by John Landis and starring Anne Parillaud as the vampire Marie, Anthony LaPaglia as undercover cop Joseph Gennaro, and Robert Loggia as gang boss Salvatore 'The Shark' Macelli. It is also known as A French Vampire In America and by its German title, Bloody Marie: Eine Frau mit Biss. It's R-rated mainly for blood and gore, but also for nudity and sex scenes. It was filmed on location in Pittsburgh.

The film is notable for the presence of several members of The Sopranos cast in early roles, and as an early example of a vampire heroine. Unfortunately the US video and DVD releases were cut heavily and cropped from widescreen to pan and scan 4:3 format. The only uncut wide-format release was the German (region 2) DVD.


Marie is a vampire who prefers not to eat innocent people; instead she goes after gangsters and other dangerous criminals, and decides to target the mob led by Macelli. Since she doesn't want to create more vampires she shoots her victims in the neck to cover bite marks and destroy their spines, ensuring that they will stay dead and making her attacks look like mob killings.

After killing a member of the gang she picks Gennaro as her next target, but finds herself feeling sorry for him and goes after Macelli instead. This turns out to be a bad idea - help arrives, and she is forced to flee with Macelli dead but about to become undead. By now Genaro's cover has been blown, and he is one of the police who goes after Marie. She escapes, but realizes that Macelli will come back to life and forces Genaro to help her get to the body before it's too late. Unfortunately this doesn't go as planned; Macelli is already back in action and captures Genaro, and he and other gangsters decide to kill him in a garbage compactor. Marie arrives in time to rescue Genaro and kill the other gangsters, but Macelli gets away.

With dawn approaching Marie needs to shelter from the sun, and persuades Genaro to come with her, then seduces him in a scene featuring nudity and BDSM elements.

The following evening Macelli starts to turn the members of his gang into vampires, and capture two other cops and prepare to eat them. Marie and Genaro interrupt, leading to a prolonged fight and Macelli's eventual death, and fade out to a (presumably) happy ending.


This film has minor cult movie status, in part because it is rarely available or shown on TV. There is very little fanfic.

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