In the Air

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: In the Air
Author(s): Sandy Herrold
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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In the Air is a Jim/Blair story by Sandy Herrold.

From the Author's Notes

"This story was a puny outline of ideas before my friends beat me into making it a story—Fervent thanks to Brie, best of all partners, Laura, cheerleader above and beyond, Tina, Gwyneth & Rachael S for willingly reading the earliest, roughest draft, Merry for adding all the BEST LINES to the first scene, the lady of shalott for her thoroughness, Agnes for medical and other checks, Shelley for catching a logic flaw, Melissa & JoSpy for pointing out where I'd shortchanged Jim, Nicole, who demands sequiturs, and Shoshanna, copy editor of the gods! How do other writers do it without betas?"

Reactions and Reviews

This story has a great premise: What happens when Blair ends up in the emergency room with a stab wound to his rear and the hospital staff think Jim did it? In the Air has a humorous narrative style and some truly comical touches. At the same time, though, it's really quite endearing, with some very sweet, not to mention sexy, moments.[1]
Miscommunication leads just where we want it to.[2]
You might find yourself thinking, "Ah...Sandy, Sandy, Sandy--why the hell don't you write more stories, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy?" Lucky for you a new zine called Crossroads is coming out right now with one of her stories in it. Yay, Sandy!....

Why you should read this: To read injuries written believably, to study goddess-level editing--and of course to see the humorous extrapolation of a hundred hospital trips and discover what 'receptive anal sex' means to Blair Sandburg.

What might throw you off stride: Vigorous, raunchy, wrasslin' sex is impossible when you've been knifed in the ass, so you'll just have to make do with this.[3]
Think about how this must look to professionals, trained to help those too afraid to ask for help. Two men come into the emergency room over and over, the smaller one injured in new and different ways each time. The uninjured man man is huge and scary with a quick temper, and always demands to watch his "partner" being treated. The injured man is always trying to calm down his "partner," and shows a talent for obfuscation. What would you think?

I like both characterizations here. Blair keeps his humor through everything, his sarcasm is there even when it's only in his own mind. I love his internal descriptions of the health professionals he's dealing with. Jim is frustrated at the misunderstanding, but even more so that he can't just shout at someone and fix things that way. But even as his world is being redefined, he never gives up, always comes back to his line of questioning.

Plus, I've always had a thing for awkward, realistic sex. Things are embarrassing and painful and it's not all rose petals and singing birds the first time.[4]


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