In The Rough (vid collection)

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Vid Collection
Title: In The Rough
Vidder(s): Laura Shapiro
Date: 2009
Format: DVD
Fandom (s):

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In The Rough is a songvid collection of 18 of Laura Shapiro's vids dating from 2005 to 2009. The collection was released on DVD and came inside a combination DVD sleeve and cover made out of recyled paper.

combo DVD sleeve and cover, design by Laura Shapiro
  • Suspended in Gaffa (Farscape - FS)
  • Circles (The West Wing)
  • Late Model Love (Buffy)
  • Mixed Nuts (FS)
  • Barcelona (Battlestar Galactica - BSG)
  • Goody Two Shoes (Due South - DS)
  • I Put You There (meta)
  • A Day Like Today (BSG)
  • Monster (Monsters, Inc.)
  • The Lonely People (Doctor Who - DW)
  • Let’s Go Crazy (BSG)
  • Sawatte Kawatte (Heroes)
  • Shut Up and Drive (DW)
  • Queen Bitch (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
  • Half Acre (Six Feet Under)
  • They Don’t Know (DW)
  • Mothership (DW)
  • I Want Candy (multi)