In The Purgatory

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Title: In The Purgatory
Author(s): Alexandra Eibeck
Cover Artist(s):
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: German, English
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In The Purgatory is a gen Miami Vice novel written by Alexandra Eibeck. It has 160 pages, is spiralbound with a color-cover. It was originally written in German and then later translated into English. It also goes by the name MV 1: "In the purgatory".

Publisher's summary: "A new Druglord tries to get a hold on the South Floridan market. He is prepared to do anything that is necessary to get what he wants. Even cops get killed. Within a short time Lieutenant Castillo loses five of his people, and Crockett has still not fully recovered from his wife Caitlin's death. Then a deal goes wrong and Castillo is in over his head. He needs new officers, but to lead them is not so simple..... "

The listing indicated that a sequel, Over The Edge, had been written and that the author was in the process of translating it into English. It is unclear if this second novel was ever offered in English.