In Plain Sight

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: In Plain Sight
Author(s): Arianna
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
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In Plain Sight is a Sentinel story by Arianna.

Reactions and Reviews

One intelligent and intriguing without being too out there Shaman!Blair story. Post TSbBS, it features Blair's journey: from not taking the badge Major Crime offered to becoming what Incacha saw. Nicely written, Blair centric story.[1]
Now, this is different. I don't normally go for this type of fic; Jim and Blair separating like that almost made me stop reading. But, thankfully I kept at it, and ended up really liking this one. I'm really fond of the whole Blair-as-a-shaman thing, and this is an interesting take on it.[2]
Summary: After Simon offers Blair a detective's badge, Blair realizes that he can't accept for several reasons, including that people might believe Jim really did have the super senses and Blair's credibility as a court witness would be called into question. He also thinks it's time to separate himself from Jim. So he leaves a note for Jim and takes off; but he doesn't go far.

Unsure whether Jim might actually need him in the future, he chooses to go off the grid but remains in the ethnic parts of Cascade where he's less likely to be recognized. In the months that follow, he decides to explore the legacy Incacha gave him--and comes across someone who can help him realize his shamanic destiny.

Reccer's Notes: With Incacha passing "The Way of the Shaman" to Blair in "Warriors" and then never mentioning it in later episodes, it remains a tantalizing subject. Arianna has written a number of Shaman Blair stories. If you think this is a path Blair would have taken, then sit down for a nice, solid read. Enjoy. [3]


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