In Medias Res (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: In Medias Res
Author(s): M. Fae Glasgow
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: online here

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In Medias Res is an Blake's 7 Avon/Blake story by M. Fae Glasgow.

It was published in Oblaque #5 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

MUSE OF FIRE RESPONSIBLE: M. Fae Glasgow HAS POOR VILA BEEN DRAGOONED INTO THIS SHITSHOW? Vila WHY ARE BLAKE AND AVON DOOMED THIS WEEK? Vila loves Avon, who apparently loves Blake, and Blake loves Avon, but like. Politics. Machismo. Side-hos. I don’t fucking know. EDITOR’S NOTE: pointless/like bad ad copy PROSE: ‘carefully, with such carefilled caution’; not sure about caressing skin in sweet gyres; Avon is tired of Vila’s ‘crap’; ‘that vague compliment hardened under the danger of Vila’s youth’ what?/have we time-traveled, then? Friend ain’t young. ‘saying the dirty taboos that made Vila shiver in his arms’ I don’t think you can use taboos like that; I hate ‘cum’ as a spelling OVERALL: Being dumped into the start of this sex scene with no run-up, as per the title, only serves to remind me forcibly of how similar all the fics with this dynamic (Blake foolishly wishes to give Avon love he does not need, or love he does not need from him) are. In being perpetually frustrated with these stories and frustrated with Avon, their guiding emotional light (even if this is a fairly unfair representation of him), I suppose I as a reader am perpetually stuck in a sort of ‘Blakeish’ reception position, wondering why the story and the character won’t just do something sensible and productive, something I want. The stories are particularly unsympathetic to Blake, and perhaps also to that urge: I feel them arrayed against me as reader.

For all the anti-fluff ‘pragmatism’ of these stories and their occasional gestures at pros of staying/cons of leaving, they never really provide a good explanation as to why Avon stays, and they especially don’t accomplish their objective of making that blameless, of having Blake be enormously in the wrong and Avon totally not culpable.

‘Play with me and you shall be running a higher risk than anything Servalan could ever dream of.’ Leaving aside for a moment that this sentence doesn’t really work, it’s weird that all these Oblique fics think this is like, True? Listen. Blake’s been through a mindwipe and the Federation does genocide. No amount of Avon’s bitch-needs-psychoanalysis Grindr fuckery is ‘worse’ or ‘darker’ than Space Nazis. Thank you, good day.

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  1. review by Erin Horáková as part of a series: see Oblique Reviews -- Oblique Reviews #6, Archived version (January 19, 2017)