In Between the Past and Future Town

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Title: In Between the Past and Future Town
Author(s): petpluto
Date(s): 2013-04-23
Length: 19882 words
Genre: het, AU
Fandom: Veronica Mars
External Links: AO3

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In Between the Past and Future Town is a AU Veronica/Weevil story by petpluto


"You know there is another of looking at this, Logan. If you’d still been together, you might be dead too." Logan and Lilly both die on October 3rd. But for Veronica, it's not like they're gone. And she still works to solve their murders.

Author's Note

The title comes from Bright Eyes' song, "We Are Nowhere, And It's Now". This was supposed to be a short little one shot when I was having trouble writing chapters for some of my WIPs. Instead, it's turned into an epic of its own, but I think it is still a one shot. Just an incredibly long one.


I don't download a lot of fic onto my Kindle because I have just so much there ... it's kind of a 'best of the genre' thing for me. And this just got downloaded. Obviously I'm all about the WeeVer, but in this fic its actually all the other amazing stuff that catapults it onto a whole new level of awesome ... the mystery itself, while we knew the outcome, the way you unpack it is delicious; the Logan and Lilly ghosts, the sweet sadness of the ghostLogan and Veronica relationship (you convince me of it more than canon ever did), the slower, gentler but still inevitable emergence of Veronica 2.0, and the creation of an alternative VM storyline that not only stays true to the characters in canon, but builds on them in completely credible and legitimate ways. The idea of Logan and Lilly being together, and Logan falling victim to his father as well, is so spine-chilllingly likely, that it gave me a shiver of recognition or something ... it's that one thing that changes everything. Without jackass Logan, Veronica has no need to become spiky-Veronica quite so quickly, she isn't brutalised in exactly the same way, but she is so much more alone. (Gotta stop or I must just disintegrate into fangirl goo.)

(Puts on big girl pants and critique hat.) The only character who didn't make me ache in this was Weevil, which is kind of odd because you have such a perfect touch with him. I guess it's because this isn't really HIS story, it's Veronica's, and we don't get that intimate insight into his thoughts and motivations we do when you write from his pov. Which makes perfect sense, of course. Weevil, as much as he is the (living) love interest in this, is essentially a bystander, albeit a useful one. He doesn't have a lot to do to show how badass he Is (the scene at the Sac and Pac is cute, and sweet, but not badass) even though we know he's probably out there scaring old ladies and keeping the 09ers in line. Still, if I can plant a niggling little bunny about this story, from Weevil's pov, HELL YES. (Another 20k oneshot? Awww, you sweet thing.) JOKING.

Sheer magnificence. How long did it take you to write, out of curiosity? All in one go or have you visited it a few times?

All the awards. ALL THE AWARDS.[1]
This story was really great.

I love the way you captures the chatracters. They feel so natural, sa real. You manage to create an entirely new story while staying in character.

I love reading you because your Veronica makes me remember while I love that TV show so much.

And your Weevil is great too. They choose friendship in the show but had they choose love, it would have happen like that. And like in this story I'm pretty sure it couldn't have happened if Logan was still alive.

You enter veronica's head so easily (at least it seams so^^). While reading I was impressed to think all along that it was exactly how it could have happened. Even though I love Veronica and Logan together, I always loved their friendship. How they can't let go of the other even when they hate each other. How Veronica knows he won't physically hurt her in the first episode. How he knows she will believe and help him after the fiasco of his mother's suicide.

I always though Weevil to be an interesting charater. He was agreat friend to Veronica. Ok they has their disagreements but the moments she needed him, he was here, and the same for her. Here, he was on the sidelines too, but he was also an essential character. He helped her stay sane in a way. She loves her father, there is no doubt he, but I think she would have wasted herself after getting justice if she had been left all alone after Logan and Lilly's death. They were her world. Duncan didn't have anyone and became an empty shell. And she would have too without her anger or Weevil.

And I love this story. Maybe she will never became the Veronica 2.0 I loved in the show. But pastel!Veronica, 1.5, 2.0 or simply a new version, she still is Veronica, a woman who can do almost anything if she puts her mind to it. And in your story, at the end, she simply chose to live.

Thank you for this amazing story.

P.S: I'm sorry for the bad english, I'm french so it's the best I can do^^[2]
I read this entire story last night and would have commented afterwards but it was late and I had to wrap my mind around what I wanted to say.

First off this is one of the most beautifully written pieces of fanfiction I have EVER read. You are tremendously talented. Seeing Vee so lost and broken like that was so...unbelievably sad. I loved the ghost Lilly and Logan angle....them staying with Veronica, her keeping them so close and wanting to be with them (that broke my heart), Weevil so easily accepting Veronica seeing Lilly and was just all so beautiful. I really loved the relationship ghost!Logan had with Veronica. You could tell he really cared about her and that he really was the thing that kept her together when she was falling apart. Just like in the show...they held each other together, maybe not always in the best of ways but they did. LoVe forever.

Logan falling victim to Aaron was so spine chilling....losing Lilly was bad enough on Vee but without Logan there she really had nothing. I loved the Weevil/Veronica relationship. I always was such a fan of their unlikely alliance and it's so different to read fanfiction that paints them as a couple. And then Veronica slowly but surely becoming the Veronica we knew and loved in the show was just amazing. I loved her character growth. I just really honestly loved everything about this story to be honest. WELL DONE.[3]
This caught my eye at first because I am a huge Bright Eyes fan. I stayed because- wow. I'll usually read anything over 1k words that has to do with my favorite ship, but this was so much more than that. This gave me FEELS. Amazing to see the Lilly/Logan ghost dynamic, keeping V safe and company after they are gone, brings a whole new understanding of V's isolation and yearning for answers. I love how it works with the same storyline as the show but tweaks it in the perfect ways. Just.. wow. Yes. Thank you. Definitely one I'll be coming back and rereading time and time again.[4]
So, I have had this bookmarked to read for what feels like forever. I kept meaning to, then forgot, read something else, etc. BUT finally, I downloaded both pieces because I am spending the summer partially sans internet/with a poor connection, and I wanted to finally get around to reading all these fics I had saved.(I'll comment on the Weevil pov on his part in a minute.) And, I plowed through this one last night. I just... GODS it was beautiful. Honestly, this is going to come off scattered and rambly and I apologize but there is just so much I want to convey and I'm not sure that I'm eloquent enough.

I LOVED ghost!Logan and Lilly. Honestly, we kind of had ghost!Lilly on the show, albeit a little different, but it felt so natural to just... make it be more apparent. Lilly has always felt very present and ghost-like throughout the show. She clearly haunted Veronica, and to add Logan to the mix... ugh. I really, really loved ghost!Logan. And especially his friendship with Veronica. I've always loved every aspect of their relationship, and keeping theirs mostly platonic and switching it up to Weevil ending up being the romantic relationship (which I have THOUGHTS about in a minute) was lovely. The image of Logan and Lilly huddling with Veronica in the fridge nearly reduced me to tears. The thing that hit me the most, was, this COULD have been the show. It's so easy to imagine Aaron killing Logan too. And Veronica being that much more isolated. (My only complaint, which, really ISN'T a complaint, is that I missed Wallace. But I understood why it wouldn't have made sense to have him there.)

You're Veronica pov was fantastic. I am always scared to try and really get in her head, and you did it brilliantly. She's obviously a different Veronica than the one we're used to on the show, but it still felt like Veronica. Everything made sense. Bravo.

Weevil and Veronica's friendship has always been a favorite of mine, and I've never really wanted them together romantically, but I loved it here. It made sense. (It only sort of makes sense to me without Logan being there, because otherwise, the two of them are so wrapped up in their loss for Lilly that nothing else makes much sense.) But it so organically evolved here, and I loved it a lot.

I loved this whole fucking thing, you've reduced me to mostly just wanting to yell ahhhhhhhh over and over. So, fuck you. And also, seriously, seriously amazing, and thank you.[5]


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