Igen Weyr

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Title: Igen Weyr
Medium: online zine
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
Language: English
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"Igen Weyr was an online fanzine, now defunct, that was dedicated to Anne McCaffrey's sci-fi/fantasy world of Pern and was named after one of Pern's landmarks. I joined this fanzine in order to write about the world of Pern with other Pern fans, and these files are what I contributed. The protagonist in all the files is J'torian, a young Igen Weyr dragonrider who rides bronze Storalinth as Wingsecond of Rising Tide Wing, and who is in a relationship with a guy named G'mead. I actually left the fanzine because they introduced new rules, one of which said that the riders of bronze dragons could not be gay. This ruined my character and went against the logic of Pern's world (for if a bronze dragon ridden by a male happened to mate with a green dragon ridden by a male, gay sex between the riders would ensue." [1]

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