Idolmaster Erotic Parody/Yuri Aggregator

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Name: Idolmaster Erotic Parody/Yuri SS Aggregator Site
Date(s): 2008 -
Type: Forum
Fandom: Idolmaster
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Idolmaster EroParo Yuri SS Matome Site, translated as Idolmaster Erotic Parody/Yuri Side Story Aggregator Site, is a forum for the iDOLM@STER fandom with a few editors preserving stories originally posted to other messages boards or text on Pixiv. The stories are copied in full to this aggregator site (not linked to), and the stories are primarily identified by thread or message number of the original post which was usually anonymous.

The organization of the aggregator site is by character, and there are separate indexes within each character’s listings for yuri works.