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Gift Exchange
Name: Id Pro Quo
Date(s): 2020-
Runs: January–May
Moderator(s): Soulstoned
Founder: hauntedshadow
Type: "OR" matching: relationship and freeform tags;
fanfiction and fanart
Scope: idfic
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community: DW community
URL: 2020 AO3 collection;
2021 AO3 Collection
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Id Pro Quo is a fanworks exchange for idfic. hauntedshadow started it in 2020 and received comod help from Soulstoned, then passed the exchange over to Soulstoned entirely mid-round. As of 2021, the exchange is run only by Soulstoned.

It first ran in 2020, with matching done through AO3, where the collection is archived. The exchange ran from January–May in 2020 and 2021, but in 2022 Soulstoned plans to change the schedule "to be in the winter."[1]

Q. What is “idfic”?

A. The most self-indulgent thing you can possibly imagine. Tentacles, purple prose, a scene that focuses on something just a little bit too long and then some, so bad it’s good, that Spock/OC you’ve always wanted. That sweet spot of goodness that makes you turn around to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder… and you were alone the whole time.

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Id Pro Quo 2020 FAQ on AO3

For main gifts, participants either write a completed fic of at least 2,000 words, or create a completed, handmade, original fanart piece not drawn on lined paper.[2]

For their assignments, participants are matched on one or more Character/Relationship tag, one or more Freeform (or Id Prompt) tag, and one or more work medium (i.e. "OR" matching).

Treats are welcome. Creators do not have to be signed up for the exchange to give treats.[2][3]


In 2020, the exchange was held from 18 January to 16 May. 130 participants signed up and created 179 fanworks in 107 fandoms.

2020 requests/prompts on AO3, in a spreadsheet


The exchange was held from 14 January to 6 May. 141 participants signed up and created 191 works in 117 fandoms.

2021 requests/prompts on AO3


Id Pro Quo will be held in 2022, but "the schedule will change to be in the winter."[1]


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