Icarus Drowned

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Title: Icarus Drowned
Author(s): Rebelcat
Date(s): 2008?
Genre: gen
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Icarus Drowned is a gen Starsky and Hutch story by Rebelcat.

It is about Starsky and Hutch during the early days of their partnership.

Author's Notes

"This novel was a long time in the making. It began life as a work in progress on Fanfiction.net. It then languished unfinished for over two years before the guilt finally drove me back to it. I posted an unbeta'd draft on ffnet, but then abandoned it again while I moved on to other projects. It wasn't until I heard that it had been nominated for a Torino award that I returned to finally finish this story."

Reactions and Reviews

Oh man, poor Starsky! How horrible to be invited into a home and know you're not wanted. And poor Hutch being married to that woman! All he wants is to make everyone happy and get to know his partner better. And that poor kitty...brings back memories:-) [1]
"Hutch" cares for "Starsky"...he's just lost everything... I love it how "Hutch" needs to help his friend AND I love how "Starsky" is letting his pride step aside this time. Just goes to show how much the fire really has affected him.

As for "Vanessa"...it's wierd but I feel for her some..."Hutch" IS a married man...he DOES have his wife to think about. Now I'm not saying that he shouldn't have invited "Starsky" to his home, I'm just saying that he probably should have told his wife about it 1st. Not that it would have made a difference to her, but I would have felt better about "Hutch" and his consideration of her feelings in the matter.

Just me I guess. Did love your description and the dialogue with the "Mrs. Hutchinson"! I could just see "Van" in her nightie for "Hutch" and letting "Starsky" get an eyeful and not caring 1 Iota! GRIN! Wonder if that made "Starsky" feel better or sicker. [2]
Have liked your writing style from the get-go, Cat, and this story confirms that. Had a few peccadilloes with chap. two, I think, but that comes down to more of my own perception of the characters than to anything technical with the story. Found the opening chapter strong, and chaps. three and four, as well. Thought the characterization of Vanessa was good. Too often she comes across as too two-dimensional. I always thought Hutch had to have seen more in that lady than just the s-e-x. Overall, a different take on the early years between the boys. [3]
Very endearing...love the start of their relationship, I never figured Hutch to have smoked before though...I like the banter between them, and the fact that the other officers are taking up a collection for Starsky...ok, I am ready for more...keep up the great work! [4]
you know how much I love this story I was so happy to see this..hutch and van are so different you do protray a great van I still feel bad for starsky..but maybe he'll get that apartment..then he wont have to listen to hutch and van fight...well great to see this back...and hope your feeling better ..didnt know you were sick.. [5]
You really write a great Vanessa! I just can see here...And hate that awful lady![6]
I love this story. Starsky dreaming about his car. Hutch trying to quit smoking. The banter between the two was great. And you portray Vanessa exactly as I think of her. A witch with a capital B. [7]
Wow..what insight I love the whole triangle thing with starsky hutch and van...and huggy was written so perfectly...more, more i need more! [8]
A completely enjoyable read. Loved the interaction of the two on their first assignment. Totally believable and your action scenes were so perfect, I felt like I was actually watching an episode. Great job. [9]
Oh yay, you finally finished! And more importantly, I finally read it! I love case stories, I love early-days stories, so it goes without saying that I love this story. And yes, no more WIP's if you want to live (evil cackle).[10]


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