I Wish I Was a Lesbian

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Anime Music Video
Title: I Wish I Was a Lesbian
Creator: absolutedestiny
Date: July 12, 2004
Format: digital
Length: 3:14
Music: I.W.I.W.A.L. by Loudon Wainwright III
Category: parody, humour
Fandom: multifandom
Footage: Cowboy Bebop (1998),Di Gi Charat (1999), FLCL (2000), His and Her Circumstances (1998), Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) and Ranma 1/2 (1989)
URL: online version
screen from the vid

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"I wish I was a lesbian; I'd like to be a dyke
I would hang with k.d. lang; Mel Gibson, take a hike
I think it would be nice to love someone who was alike
Ooooooo, I wish I was a lesbian; I'd like to be a dyke." ~ lyrics

I Wish I Was a Lesbian is an anime music video created by absolutedestiny. It was shown at the 2004 Vividcon "Saturday Morning Cartoons" vid show. The vid is hugely accessible to non-anime watchers - perfectly timed and incredibly funny. It drew a lot of people into watching more anime vids that weekend, and helped lower the existing barriers between live-action vidding and AMV editing that had existed to that point. The vid was later shown at Con.txt in 2006 where it was well received.[1] In 2004, the vid won the AnimeMusicVideos.org Viewers' Choice award for "Best Comedy Vid."

Flummery, the VJ for the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" vid show explained why she had selected this vid to open the show aimed at a non-anime viewing audience: "It was screamingly, insanely funny. As an example of lip synching. And because Vividcon is full of grammar freaks. It fell in under the Humor category, and Lip synching."[2]


  • "Oh, man. I think I saw this six or seven times. We kept replaying it in the con suite. Why? Because it's just. That. Funny. The lip-synching is plenty amazing, but it's the *timing* of the opening sequence that gets me: the non-reacting reaction shots! The guitar plinking! The gesticulations! And then you get to the song part and -- bweeeee! This vidder knows everything about comic builds, timing, and money shots. Jesus god. I am in love."[3]
  • I had no familiarity with anime music videos when I watched this for the first time, and this convinced me that I was missing out *huge* on some great stuff. It's fabulous, and funny, and wonderful, and with editing and synching that's so good I'm still not completely convinced that the characters aren't saying the narrative bits. You* must* watch this. No, really."[4]


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