I Need You, Baby

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: I Need You, Baby
Author(s): M.L. "Steve" Barnes
Date(s): 1976
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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I Need You, Baby is a het Star Trek: TOS story by M.L. "Steve" Barnes.

It was printed in ...A Handful of Snowflakes and Other Trek Tales.

This fiction was mentioned in The Development of the Kirk/Spock Relationship: Its Foundation in Fan-Fiction (1978).

Author's Comments

Author's introduction: "This story has been labeled 'too esoteric' for general enjoyment. By definition, I guess that means that it deals with truths that are revealed by the episodes in their proper order. I'll admit that there are several references to televised incidents, but too esoteric for Trek fans? Never!")

Fan Comments


... [Barnes] is known as the original Dirty Old Broad, y'know).

Next story fits a bit more into this category...called "I Need You Baby", it's a lot better than it sounds. It's basically a combo of get-Kirk and lay-Kirk. JTK and landing party on the planet Vecta is attacked by a cloud-creature type alien (hey, haven't we seen enough of those already?) that feeds on mental energies, and had invaded and eventually destroyed the. minds of the humans there (Memory Alpha?). The landing party eventually killed it, and as it was dying, it took solid form and launched a seed-pod at Cappy Kirk. The young Vecta invade Kirk's nervous system (a la Deneva) and start to stimulate his brain (at first thru his dreams, then while fully awake) thru, the one thing they find easiest for him—that is, uh, sexual fantasies. The good captain finds it, ahem, hard to resist, but if he doesn't, almost everyone within a quadrant is in for a-fate-worse-than-death-and-then-death-eventually, when the young are strong enough to "hatch." The characterization is very good, and I can see this sort of thing happening on TV, if it weren't for the subject matter. A nice suspenseful tale with a good ending. One of my favorites.

Then there are a couple more poems (better than the first), illos to match, then another long story, "Almost a Legend." This is a Spock-falls-in-love-with-somebody...anybody type of story, also with a bit of sex (tho not porn,..there is_ a difference, you know) thrown in. These are also known as Lieutenant Mary Sue stories, but this particular girl was an alien Spock met on shoreleave, I usually judge these stories by the female character involved. If she \m a nice, strong believable personality, and maybe a hint of intelligence, and if the story has some kind of plot, I like the story, as far as this type generally goes. Let's just say I liked this story. [1]

A Handful of Snowflakes' is one of the stories discussed in the chapter on fan fiction in Star Trek Lives!. The author tells us in the introduction that she received so many letters from fans asking about this story and her other works, she was encouraged to publish them; this zine is the result... In addition to the title story, a short piece told from Christine Chapel's point of view, there are two novelettes and another short story, plus four poems and five illustrations.

One of the longer works, 'I Need You, Baby', offers a familiar ST theme: Kirk is infected with an alien life-form that is using his body to incubate its young. The aliens prey on his mind, causing excruciatingly real and erotic hallucinations. If the evading spores aren't killed soon, they will hatch, killing Kirk and everyone else aboard the Enterprise, and endangering the safety of the galaxy. Spock has to link minds with Kirk to lend him the strength and mental discipline to fight the invaders, in spite of his extreme reluctance to do so. [2]


'I Need You, Baby' - the Vecta creature has inhabited Kirk's soul, exposing his need for form friendships to counter a demanding mistress. [3]


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