I Don't Care I'm Still Free

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Title: I Don't Care I'm Still Free
Publisher: Pioneer Press
Editor(s): Sarah May
Date(s): 2015
Size: digest size
Fandom: Firefly
External Links: I Don't Care I'm Still Free: A Firefly Fanzine!, Archived version
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the zine comes in different colors

I Don't Care I'm Still Free is a single issue Firefly newsletter. It is digest sized and contains 20 pages.


  • Two Mudder's Milk recipes!
  • Chord charts to the Firefly theme and "The Man They Call Jayne"
  • Reavers versus Zombies!
  • Trivia!
  • A one-act play you can perform!
  • Photos of the cast lookin' cute!
  • Firefly versus Hellraiser!
  • Firefly versus Starhunter!