I Bid My Heart to Follow (Beauty and the Beast con zine)

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Title: I Bid My Heart to Follow
Date(s): July 2013
Medium: print
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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I Bid My Heart to Follow is a 312-page con zine for I Bid My Heart to Follow, a Beauty and the Beast convention.

front cover


  • Eternity Within Her Power by Karen Crow (1)
  • Rock and Roll by Denise (17)
  • Vincent (Elvis?) (art) by Sandy Tew (27)
  • Dreams and Tapestries by Joan Stephens (28)
  • Kilted Vincent (art) by Sandy Tew (64)
  • Night Flight by Rebecca Reeves, art by Sandy Chandler (65)
  • Carried Away (art) by Sandy Tew (66)
  • Haphazard by Rusty (67)
  • Created for Me: A Trio of Poems by Nancy ("Sent Away," "Not Everything," and "Created for Me") (83)
  • The Lovers by Sandy Tew (87)
  • Once Upon a Galaxy by Aliset, art by Sandy Chandler (95)
  • Beside the Ocean by Sandy Tew (96)
  • A Truth Revealed by Allison (97)
  • 22 Poems by Jodie Boyle, art by Sandy Chandler (104)
  • Circle of Life by Joanne Grier, art by Linn Bankson "Vincent" (135)
  • Catherine (art) by Sandy Tew (155)
  • Good Beginnings by Janet Rivenbark (156)
  • A Clockwork Vincent (art) by Sandy Tew (188)
  • Courtly Love by Andrew Meit (189)
  • O Brave New World by Zanna, art by Sandy Chandler (190)
  • Pipesong by Zara Wilder (193)
  • art by Sandra Ames, collage by Krista Rainey (194)
  • Scent by Joanne Grier, art by Linn Bankson "Trapped" (195)
  • art by Bev Chick, collage by Krista Rainey (255)
  • Arthur's Day by Skippy, art by Sandy Chandler (256)
  • The Long Road Home by Debbie Bluerose (258)
  • I Was Found by Jodie Boyle (280)
  • art by batb.alien ("Night Air," "Dreams") (282)
  • New Beginnings by Kellie Sharpe (283)
  • art by AncientSoul, collage by Krista Rainey (284)
  • The Bet by J'Ecris (285)
  • To the Other Side by Jo Fredericks (rated R), art by Sandy Chan, art by Sandy Tew "Finally!" (288)
  • A Mosaic of Clip Art by Sandy Chan, collage by Krista Rainey (312)