IDIC (Star Trek: TOS zine 2)

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Title: IDIC
Editor(s): Paul Burns
Date(s): 1976-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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IDIC is a gen Star Trek: TOS quarterly anthology. It was a small, mimeographed fanzine from Paul Burns of Kansas City subtitled: "THE KANSAS CITY TREKZINE".

Issue v.1 n.3

  • is undated
  • contains 20 pages
  • fanzine reviews of Spockanalia and Grup
  • addresses of fans to write
  • an announcement of an upcoming Kansas City convention
  • a long, untitled story by Heather Firth
  • a review of the Star Fleet Technical Manual
  • descriptions of two books stores, "The Hobbit House" and "The Grandview Book Gallery"
  • "How to Fly a Shuttlecraft" by Denny Young
  • a reprint of "Leonard Nimoy's Most Embarrassing Moment" (Before the show was on the air, he was filming in costume, got a bad toothache and had to go to the dentist looking like Mr. Spock.)
  • Scenario, a short short by Paul Burns
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because

Issue v.1 n.4

IDIC v.1 n.4 was published in August 1976 and and contains 38 pages.

It includes the prayer:

"Our Roddenberry, who art in Hollywood,
Hallowed be thy Script. They Movie come,
Thy Work be done, on TV as it is in Fandom.
Give us this day our beloved Episode, and
Forgive us our bloopers, as we forgive those
Who blooped before us. And lead us not into
Mediocrity, but deliver us from Cancellation:
For thine is the Hugo, and the Emmy, and the
STAR TREK forever. Live Long & Prosper. Amen."
  • TOC (1)
  • Editorial by Paul Burns (2)
  • Subspace Channel (letters) (4)
  • Con Report for a Star Trek Con in Kansas City in February 1976 (6)
  • Fiction "Share-non: to Understand" by Heather Firth (10)
  • Unannounced Surprise Insert (fiction in the form of McCoy's personal log) (18)
  • Novelette "Centennial" by Denny Young (19)
  • Why You Got This by ye humble ed
  • contributors: Paul Burns, Denny Young, Jeff Richardson, Jeff Brockman, Heather Firth, Terry Lawson, Dennis Bahm, Billy Burns, Mary Ann Burns

Unknown Issue

While the sticker on the front cover of an issue in the gallery says "VOL 4 ISH IV," this is incorrect. This unknown issue was published in June 1977. There were at least 44 copies.