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Here from Metafandom (and variations: "I'm here from Metafandom"...) is a phrase used by fans at the beginning of a post in a online journal to explain that they do not normally interact in this fandom journal and are making a comment after following a link to said post from Metafandom.

The phrase is often used in the subject line.

Some fans dislike having commenters they do not know or have a previous relationship with commenting on their posts, feeling that after being mentioned in a metafandom post caused them to receive unwanted and negative attention.

Some fans appreciate the heads-up of the phrase.

Some Examples of Use

  • "Wow, I always get metafandomed over half-assed random posts. But welcome, all, and thanks for the awesome discussion! I always meet so many smart people through metafandom." [1]
  • "Sorry, I'm butting in from metafandom and I'm kind of late to the party - but I just wanted to say..."[2]
  • ""I'm here from Metafandom" is the shark jump of livejournal." [3]


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