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Journal Community
Name: hp_fanworks
"Home for Harry Potter Fanworks"
Date(s): May 1, 2009 – present
Moderator: emma_moon, boundbooks (until October 25, 2016)
Founder: emma_moon
Type: recommendation fanworks
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: hp-fanworks.dreamwidth.org/

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hp_fanworks, or Home for Harry Potter Fanworks, is a Dreamwidth community dedicated to sharing any type of Harry Potter fanworks such as fanart and fanfiction, plus many others.


hp_fanworks is a community dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. We accept art, fiction, graphics, icons, fanmixes, crafts, vids, podfic and more. If you made it and it's Harry Potter-related, feel free to post it! All pairings are welcome.


1. Please use the provided header (or something close to the provided header) when posting art, fiction or graphics, and modify it as needed. Feel free to heavily modify the provided header if necessary.

Note: If you want the mod to tag, please fill out the characters line. If there are no characters filled out, the post gets no character tags, because we can't read every fic/listen to every podfic/see every work of art. :)

2. Headers go outside of a cut, but the work itself must be under a cut. If you are simply linking, no cut is needed.

3. All linked Fanworks must carry warnings at the original posted location (or at [community profile] hp_fanworks, if you are posting the work itself), if applicable. We suggest that the following things merit warnings: graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rape/non-con, and underage sex.

For the purposes of this community, the 'underage' in 'underage sex' will mean a participant who is below the age of sixteen. Sixteen is the age of consent in the UK, and as the characters involved are from the UK, [community profile] hp_fanworks will go by UK law.

If your fanwork has such content and you do not wish to warn, please use a general statement along the lines of “The creator chose not to warn for content,” similar to the Archive of Our Own's system.

4. Be friendly. If things get unfriendly, please don't delete, disable or freeze comments. Private Message (PM) a mod, and we'll step in.

5. Only posts of fanworks are allowed. If you have a community or event you'd like to promote, drop us a comment on the sticky post and we'll take a look at your request.

6. If a fanwork is found to be plagiarized, the user will be banned from the community and their entries will be deleted.

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