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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: How's Treks
Author(s): Paula Smith
Date(s): 1973-1975
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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How's Treks was a series of ten short parodies written by Paula Smith, Chen, and Anonymous (all of whom were Paula Smith) and were printed in the first five issues of Menagerie.

This series is influential for the fifth one called A Trekkie's Tale, the origin of the term Mary Sue.

The Series

Note that there are two that were titled "#8."

1. Errand of Merci' by Chen (in Menagerie #1)
2. Convivial With Trivials by Chen (in Menagerie #1)
3. Friday's Paycheck by Chen (in Menagerie #2)
4. Jesteryear: An Animated Satire by Chen (in Menagerie #2)
5. A Trekkie's Tale by Anonymous (in Menagerie #2)
6. By an Assumed Name by Chen (in Menagerie #3)
7. Sore Leg by Chen (in Menagerie #3)
8. Return to Our Program (title on fic), Return to Our Planet (title on table of contents) by Chen (in Menagerie #4) and The Amoeba Glory by Paula Smith (in Menagerie in #5)
9. Operation Constipate by Chen (in Menagerie #4)