House of I Spy

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Name: House of I Spy
Dates: January 11, 2000 - October 26, 2009
Type: resource / information
Fandom: I Spy
URL: on Geocities / on the Wayback Machine
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The House of I Spy was a resource site for the 1960s tv show I Spy. The site was originally owned by S.J. Dibai, who maintained it from January 2000 to October 2009, when he decided to let the Geocities shutdown take it out of commission.

The site included background information on the show, including canon summaries, cast, location shooting, a discussion of I Spy's breaking of racial stereotypes, and samples of the leads' trademark banter.

In the site's early years, S.J. Dibai was a more active maintainer, doing things like posting I Spy quizzes for visitors to answer. For instance, to celebrate Robert Culp's birthday (the actor who played Kelly Robinson) in 2001, he put up a Robert Culp-themed quiz (complete with answers at the end) (quiz on the Waybacked page).

The page also included "cool links":

  • The Classic Photo Collage: Culp and Cos Through The Years! (see below)
  • THE I SPY RESOURCE CENTER, where you can find all sorts of groovy info, links, and ARCHIVES from the FORUM and the House of I SPY! Click here to check it out.
The site's final update was a farewell:
This site is near its end. It had a good run, from January 11, 2000 to (I expect) October 26, 2009. But I haven't been devoting much time to it lately anyway. Life changes, priorities change, and now this site's host will soon be closing. I'll let the House of "I SPY" have a graceful exit. You can still e-mail me from here for the time being. Thank you very much for visiting and supporting this site! Wonderfulness of your kindness!

The site is being documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.