Homicidal Tendencies

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Title: Homicidal Tendencies
Author(s): Swikstr
Date(s): 1999 or before
Fandom: X-Files/Homicide: Life on the Streets
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Homicidal Tendencies is an X-Files/Homicide: Life on the Street story by Swikstr.


What begins as a typical ritual murder case with supernatural overtones for Mulder and Scully in Baltimore becomes something else as the two are forced to interact with some of the unique personalities on Charm City’s murder squad. Ultimately, Scully’s developing connection with a Baltimore homicide detective has far-reaching consequences in the evolution of her relationship with Mulder." [1]

Reactions and Reviews


I usually don't like crossovers that much. I read X-Files fanfic because I like the characters of Scully and that other guy not some other show. I'd heard about this story called "Homicidal Tendencies" for a while. The problem was it was a crossover with "Homicide: Life on the Streets" and while I'd heard that was a great show I'd never watched it. Thankfully one night when I was bored I cracked this story anyway. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It didn't matter that I had never watched the other show. This author brings all the characters alive in a stunning way. Plus, it has something for everyone: a tremendous and frightening X-File case, some Scully/other action, Scully/Mulder angst, and Mulder/Scully action - all brilliantly written. It will leave you begging for more, and thankfully more is on its way.[2]


Ok, if you have not read Homicidal Tendencies, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? It's only two of the best shows ever to be on TV combined! And you don't have to have ever seen Homicide, this story works well w/out knowing a thing about the show. As a matter of fact, I'd never seen the series when I first read this, and HT got me so intrigued that I started watching the repeats on CourtTV and became obsessed. So read this fic! [3]


For today’s fic we’re just going to go ahead and get this recommendation out of the way once and for all so @kateyes224 can shut up about it. It was one of the very first fics she recced to @piecesofscully, and she literally won’t stop talking about it until everyone has read it. It’s a cross-over fic between The X-Files and Homicide: Life on the Street that starts out as a casefile and turns into some serious MSR angst. (For our younger readers, Homicide: Life on the Street was a show that aired back in the mid-90s and was set in Baltimore, Maryland, so it is very feasible that Mulder and Scully would have encountered Tim Bayliss and Frank Pembleton if they ever investigated a homicide case in Baltimore.)

Fair warning: This fic starts out as Scully/Other. We’re not going to ruin the story for you and tell you if it ever resolves into MSR, you’ll just have to read on to find out.[4]

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