Home by Now/No Matter What

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Title: Home By Now/No Matter What
Creator: Bistokidsfan
Date: December, 2008
Format: wmv, mpeg2
Length: 48.7MB
Music: "Home By Now/No Matter What" by Meatloaf
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Home By Now/No Matter What is a Starsky & Hutch vid by Bistokidsfan. It was created for the 2008 Love of Me & Thee Secret Santa.


This vid was recommended by Amberle Chan on Crack Van on July 31, 2009: "I’m a very biased about this vid: It was my present for the 2008 Secret Santa on Love of Me and Thee Yahoo Group.

I have to admit that I really did not think that it would be possible for the vid to be done, but I asked anyway because I love this song. When I made the request, I was told that it was highly unlikely that the vid could be done.


Home by Now/No Matter What by Meatloaf is an epic song, clocking in at more than six minutes. Given the length of the song and the technical expertise and the time needed to produce a vid, such a task would be daunting, if not impossible.

I then requested a story or a piece of art.

Imagine my delighted surprise when I opened my Secret Santa gift and found my vid. It was the best present I received for Christmas 2008.

And it’s perfect. Annette nailed this song splendidly, blending and matching scenes from Starsky & Hutch perfectly to the song lyrics. The story it tells is totally theirs: A love that can’t be destroyed no matter what the universe throws at them, be it forced heroin addiction, poisoning, bullets, or death. It is better than I could ever imagine.

Thank you very much, Annette!"