Hitman: Agent 47

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Name: Hitman: Agent 47
Creator: Hitman by IO Interactive
Date(s): August 21, 2015
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: Germany, United States, United Kingdom
External Links: Wikipedia, Official Site
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Hitman: Agent 47 is a 2015 German-American-British action thriller film based on the Hitman video game series and its main character, a mysterious assassin known only as Agent 47.


Fairly small fandom, the fandom is mainly located on Tumblr and Archive of Our Own.

Gen works of Katia & Agent 47 and slash Agent 47/John Smith appears in fanworks, although a few fans ship Katia/Agent 47.



  • Aftermath by RedThreads, This is set immediately after the screen goes black and the credits roll.
  • Restless by killergirlfuria, Teen, Post-Movie, Katia never really slept well, even on pills. Upon stopping taking them it became worse. Until one day she found solution completely by accident.


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