Highlights of Filkcon 4.2

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Filk Album
Album Title: Highlights of Filkcon 4.2
Producer: The Filk Foundation
Medium: audio cassette
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Highlights of Filkcon 4.2 is a filk album performed by Diana Bailey, Robin Bailey, Randy Parran, Robin Kishpaugh, Kip McMurray, Marget Middleton, Phil Parker Barb Reynolds and The Group.


Side A:

  • Brothers of the Stars
  • Juan(ita) Henry
  • Brothers
  • Ian & Kensie
  • Shu La Row
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  • Only Our Rivers Run Free
  • Mary O'Meara
  • Silver Hipflask
  • Variations On An Old Cliche

Side B:

  • Burned-Out Readin' Science Fiction Blues
  • Star To Steer By
  • Star Man's Song
  • I Dream of Unicorns
  • Love Is The Question
  • My Nightly Craft
  • The Question Song
  • Kylara's Song (Pern)
  • Harper's Song (Pern?)

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