High Voltage

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Title: High Voltage
Creator: kuwdora
Date: Vividcon 2011 (day?)
Length: 3:24
Music: High Voltage by Linkin Park
Fandom: Stargate
Footage: SGA, SG-1, SGU
URL: High Voltage

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High Voltage is a Stargate vid by kuwdora that premiered at Vividcon 2011. Using footage from all three Stargate shows, it is a vid about "the Ancients and everything the shows never actually seemed to realize they were saying about them".[1] The vid was praised both by people familiar with the shows and those who had never seen them. It was discussed at the in-depth review panel at the con.[2]

Recs and Reviews

  • "It's so epic and so beautifully constructed that, despite the fact I don't know any of the sources and had never heard of "The Ancients," I still came away from the first view thinking it was one of the most memorable vids of the con."[3]
  • "I was at Vividcon last weekend. I don't have anything big to say about it right now, but kuwdora made the most amazing Stargate vid ever and anyone with familiarity of the Stargate 'verse needs to see it. It sums up all of canon (yes, all 17 seasons + movies) and turns it all into this amazing analysis of the myth arc I'm convinced the show creators had no idea they were spinning. It's really phenomenally amazing. Go, watch now. I'll wait."[4]


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