Heroes (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine zine)

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Title: Heroes
Publisher: Frick & Frack Press
Editor(s): Dawn Smith and Tiffany White
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
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Heroes is a gen Star Trek: DS9 247-page anthology. It was published in 1995. Cover art is by Tiffany White; interior art is by Tiffany White, Corey Smith, and Denise Stovin.

According to the editorial, the zine was intended to have some Star Trek: TNG content, explaining Geordi LaForge's presence on the cover, but circumstances prevented the intended contributors from finishing their stories, and "Fortresses" was included in their place.


  • Justice by Dawn Smith--A mysterious link from Odo's past sends the shapeshifter on a journey in which he must face friendship and death head on. Kira and Bashir fight to save the constable's life while trying to bring the assailant to justice. (1)
  • Trials by Dawn Smith and Tiffany White—It was only the beginning as the DS9 crew are faced with yet another dilemma shortly following Odo's near death. A mysterious derelict drifts from the Gamma Quadrant, taking prisoners into an uncharted sector of space for a bizarre set of games. The group must discover the identity of their captors and a means of escape or forever be at their mercy. (39)
  • Runaway Train by Tiffany White--Dr. Bashir finds out that the opposite sex aren't all frail flowers and copes with his conscience as he is forced to do what no doctor wishes... (93)
  • Fortresses by Dawn Smith and Tiffany White--Miles and Julian are trapped in a Gamma Quadrant prison together. Question is, will they get out before one of them is dead? (157)