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Title: Heatstroke
Author(s): M. Fae Glasgow writing as Gael X. Ile
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Heatstroke is an Blake's 7 Avon/Blake story by M. Fae Glasgow writing as Gael X. Ile.

It was published in Oblaque #5 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

This particular story returned to haunt me today because I was in the mood for a dark, manipulative Blake, his morals rather ambiguous when faced with the temptation that is Avon. Naked, sleeping and seemingly vulnerable Avon. True to the Oblique spirit, it's dark and angsty and very neatly written--you can pretty much count on absorbing, rich prose and so-hot-it-hurts sex with M. Fae. You can feel the actual heat and dampness of the night when reading, I swear. Wonderful tactile details complete the sense of being there, watching Blake's fall. *fans self* [1]

MUSE OF FIRE RESPONSIBLE: M. Fae Glasgow writing as Gael X. Ile


WHY ARE BLAKE AND AVON DOOMED THIS WEEK? Avon makes it a bdsm thing, which Blake is fine with actually, but then Avon refuses to acknowledge it was A Big Deal, and Blake is pissed about Star One and being right

EDITOR’S NOTE: blessedly free

PROSE: florid but in a way I don’t hate tbh

OVERALL: Okay so this is actually a pretty good execution of some Not For Me well-worn fandom cliches, like ‘Blake is ka-raaazy circa/about Star One’, which I just don’t think holds up well with what we know about Control as a persistent rebel target in canon. The entry prose is way, way too into Avon’s Incredible Beauty, and the turn to bdsm stuff is a bit well-worn.

But also, I like the INTENSITY of desire in this fic, and find some of the ways of thinking about/having sex herein interesting and unusual. This is not quite Stupid Blake even as it’s a self-deluding Blake. Even though the Turn To Bad is so fucking typical and under-explained as per always in this fandom… I still like this fic, what can I say? [2]


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