Haytham Kenway/Charles Lee

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Pairing: Haytham Kenway/Charles Lee
Alternative name(s): Chaytham
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Canonical?: No?
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Haytham Kenway/Charles Lee is a ship in Assassin's Creed fandom.

Shipping fuel in the canon

The scene with Haytham ceremoniously giving Charles his Templar ring has been interpreted (seriously or jokingly) by many fans as a marriage allusion: "to be honest the entire cutscene was like some wedding thing. i mean he even put the ring after he said his vows and stuff," says one fan.[1] Multiple fanworks make reference to this scene.[2][3]

Fan perspectives

hi charles and haytham canonically share a bedroom at the tavern in the green dragon they always exit the same room to get into every meeting and before they see ziio for the first time charles climbs onto the roof and adjusts his cravat and looks very spent they obviously fucked this isn’t speculation son this is true fact it is canon u heard it here first kiddos[4]
That's more of a (admittedly hilarious) joke than a "legitimate" ship...if I can even refer to shipping as legitimate.[5]

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