Haute Cuisine

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Haute Cuisine
Author(s): Hannah R. Henriksson
Date(s): 1995 (written), 1997 (posted)
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
External Links: online here (accessed September 30, 2019) archive link

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Haute Cuisine is a Star Trek: DS9 Garak/Bashir story by Hannah R. Henriksson.

Author's Intro

How long ago did I start this story? Well, let's just note that, until five minutes ago, the "Copyright" bit down there had "1995" written after it. Yikes! Pre-Ziyal, pre-Leeta (thank the gods). The happier times, when we fans of G/B could safely turn on our show and watch the lovesick pair give each other chocolates.


I always did mean to post this story, and I offer it now, finally finished, to all of you who heave a collective sigh of disgust (or perhaps just *heave*) when a scene on the show opens on Leeta's cleavage. I'm not sure when I intended it to take place, except that I allude to that "Herman's Head" episode, "Distant Voices," so let's put it right after that. It's probably PG-13, only because our society is homophobic in general. Just some wholesome m/m romance involving food.

Paramount owns Deep Space Nine and the characters; I just think it's fun to sit around and write about them... Unlike Quark's cousin, the one who owns the moon, I'm not in this for profit.

Reactions and Reviews

Incredibly sensual use of food. One of my early G/B influences. [1]


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