Hauf Fun, Hale Earnest

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Title: Hauf Fun, Hale Earnest
Author(s): M. Fae Glasgow writing as Cally Donia
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: pdf available here

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Hauf Fun, Hale Earnest is an Blake's 7 story by M. Fae Glasgow writing as Cally Donia.

It was published in Oblaque #3 and has been archived online.

Reactions and Reviews

I can't lie, Oblique is where I go for the hardest, angstiest, toughest B7 fix. Yet, again I find myself reccing a rarity: a more or less positive story with some actual hope in it. This is a very jolly, humourous romp. As the title suggests, it begins with fun but soon turns serious. M. Fae is a master at handling this. The first few pages had me in stitches, giggling at the humour that is at the same time inventive on the author's part, and also fitting for the Liberator crew. I won't spoil even those bits, you'll have to see them for yourself. A short synopsis of this would be as follows: the Liberator crew teleport down to a distant colony planet. Festivities ensue. Unexpectedly, Blake and Avon get thrown together amidst them [I say 'unexpectedly' as this certainly isn't a Gay Planet fic]. A mixture of angst, reflection and sex ensues. As usual, the characterisations are perfect, all of Avon's fears and insecurities brought out by the situation he finds himself in. And for once, M. Fae portrays Blake in a gentle light, which is always a bonus for this particular Blake fan. This story is nice and lovely, and utterly satisfying in all the possible slashfic ways. Good bedtime reading.[1]


WHY ARE BLAKE AND AVON DOOMED THIS WEEK? Avon is Afraid To Feel, but mostly they actually work it out

EDITOR’S NOTE: nothing!


OVERALL: Right, so this would be a better story if someone else wrote it and included more comprehensible reasons for characters’ logistical decisions. The relationship and sex, when they come, are nice, actually, though not–stunning. The conclusion could come at the end of any fic, without this set-up. And neither Elviaprose nor I really dig the set-up.

I personally am weirded out that Avon is prepared to waste a lot of his own time on the crap joke of being better dressed than the others, when pissing their hosts off by wearing REALLY inappropriate clothing could make this mission all for nothing. I know Avon doesn’t care about the mission, but it’s his own time he’d waste/someone could EASILY get drunk and belligerent at this gathering and knife *any* of them over this, and if he’s choosing the joke over his time/that hardly-unheard-of possibility–I want at least to be in on the weighing process, in his pov or some later explanation.

And I FUNDAMENTALLY don’t believe Avon is good at that kind of thing and Blake isn’t. I do not believe for a hot second that if Avon knows about tartan, Blake does not. He’s the one who’d know the significance of tartan in the anti-imperial Jacobite struggle, etc., like, come on (even if Your Blake isn’t fucking Welsh). And even if he doesn’t know jack about tartan, if Blake’s been told it’s important to this diplomatic mission that you come in this unfamiliar form of ritual dress, he’s going to fucking ask his hosts for some specifics, or Zen-google that hard.

See also: 80s celtic fetishism. Sweet Mists of Avalon, Batman! [2]


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