Hatstand Interview with The Hag

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Hatstand Interview with The Hag
Interviewer: Metabolick
Interviewee: Tarot
Date(s): August 2010
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Professionals
External Links: interview is here, Archived version
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A 2010 interview with The Hag is at The Hatstand.

For others in this series, see Hatstand Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

[I discovered The Professionals]: through a discussion on a feminist SF list.

We were talking about gay characters and I mentioned that I seemed generally to prefer MM fiction by women, having a taste for romance, and lamented its relative scarcity in the genre. I'd read reams of gay porn (published a couple written more to fulfill my own romantic yearnings than for the primarily commercial motive of the het stuff) but apart from a handful of romantically inclined authors like Richard Amory and James Colton (Joe Hansen) it was unsatisfying once the initial curiosity had worn off.

I received a rather tentative inquiry off list: did I know about slash?

Well, I had heard a pre-internet rumour about women writing Kirk/Spock stories, but that was as far as it went. I eagerly asked for more information.

My correspondent (bless her heart) steered me to some K/S, Sentinel, and to Pros, a fandom to which she was a recent convert. The Circuit Archive...ah, here was my fandom home!
[The first Bodie/Doyle story I wrote was] Safety.

Yes, I sent it to Proslib - I'd been introduced to Debbie Ramsey who originated the list and she was encouraging.

Later it was included in NO HOLDS BARRED 23

I'm rather dubious about it now. I hadn't seen any of the shows so it was very fanfic-derivative, and my mental images were different. (There was very little in the way of screen captures etc available back then in 1998.) But it got certain themes out of the way!
I'd like to do a really long "case", but don't know if I have the capacity. My longest to date, Poetry to Protect Us, was rather self-indulgent and rambling, much more talk than action. I really have little talent for plot and suspense.
I was looking for explicit romantic sex when I came into the fandom, so then I would have said yes [sex scenes are necessary to a slash story]. Now the "sex" part has been somewhat sated, and "fade to black" is fine with me, though I do enjoy a well-written romantic sex scene when it shows up. If I'm really involved in a story I like to know "what they do" even if not explicitly.
[Regarding someone else rewriting an ending or doing a sequel, unauthorized or with permission of one of my stories]: Mostly I think I'd hate it, but it's difficult to say in the abstract.