Harpies Bizarre

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Name: Harpies Bizarre
Owner/Maintainer: Melanie
Dates: 2000 - present
Fandom: Bewitched (TV series)
URL: http://www.harpiesbizarre.com/
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Harpies Bizarre is a Bewitched fansite dedicated to be a canon resource; articles, photos, games, and fanworks for the series.

About the Name

"As you may recall from the show, Harpies Bizarre is the magazine that the witches read. Endora, Serena, and Aunt Hagatha were all seen reading the magazine on Bewitched (that’s episode #s 2, 3, 82, 129, 229, 247, 253). It’s interesting to note that in each episode the magazine was seen, it had the same cover. We’ve decided that while the content changed every time they turned a page, the exterior shell remained constant. That is our hope for this website. "

Authors Archived

Only a select few fanfics are on the site, they are written by: