Harper's Bizarre

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Title: Harper's Bizarre
Publisher: Dawnsisters Weyr
Editor(s): Laura (F.)
Date(s): December 2007
Medium: print
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
Language: English
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Harper's Bizarre is a gen Pern 213-page anthology of fiction, articles and art. On the cover: "Tales from Dawnsisters volume 1."

  • The History of Dawnsister's Weyr
  • Weyr Founding
  • "The Volcanoes of Spring"
  • "Victory's Compromise"
  • "A Rat in the Road"
  • "Trouble Courting Trouble"
  • "Origins"
  • "Impressing a Harper"
  • "Underneath a Veil of Lace"
  • "Trials"
  • "Hey Rafe, Where's My Puppy"
  • "Collies Come Home"
  • " Letters of a Coward"
  • " Mika and the Mermaid"
  • "Not What She Expected"
  • "The Sky"
  • "Secrets of My Fathers"
  • "Miranda's Goodbye"
  • "Understand"
  • "Taya's Song"
  • "Facing the Darkness"
  • "The Psychological Effects of Mating Flight of Promise Fire Lizards on Humans Bonded to Them"
  • "Dad's the Word"
  • " Post Dinner Nostalgia"
  • "The Letter"
  • "Letters from Home"
  • "You Can Never Go Back"
  • "From the Pernia Archive"
  • "Grab for the Gold"
  • "Anla and Death"
  • "Quiz: Are You Obsessed?"
  • Who's Who at Dawnsisters
  • Dawnsister's Phonebook
  • Weyr Maps
  • Timeline