Harold, They're Lesbians

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Date Started: 2015
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Harold, They're Lesbians is a meme based on a viral Tumblr post about a user's cinema trip watching the film Carol.


In December 2015, tumblr user thcully posted about their experience seeing the film:

I really don’t know what crowd I expected to be in the theatre for carol at 1:20 in the afternoon on a friday but it was probably 85% old people, old het couples and halfway through the movie this old lady in front of me turned to the old dude next to her and just said “harold they’re lesbians”[1]


"Harold, they’re lesbians," became a meme. The line is used anytime one wants to point out how obviously femslashy a pair or situation is. Even simply the name "Harold" (sometimes with an ellipses for added effect: 'harold...') connotes the full meaning of the meme.


At the end of 2019, Vox featured the meme as their pick for the year 2015 in their '11 memes that captured the decade' article.

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