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Name: Hanson Chile
Moderated: yes
Founder(s): Nightly Kisses and pilyhanson
Fandom: Hanson
Scope: news, fanfic, filesharing
URL: http://hansonchile.proboards.com/
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A screencap of the forum as it currently appears

Hanson Chile is a forum for Chilean Hanson fans. The forum is divided into five categories, most of which have further subcategories.

  • Hanson -- About Hanson
  • Hanson Media -- Hanson Pics, Special Board (for filesharing), YouTube Videos, Hanson Tour, Hanson's Related (for posts about their wives and families)
  • Fansons -- Fansons Around The World and Fan Fictions
  • Entertainment -- Games and Art
  • Random -- Random Media, Promote, Everything you want, Help, Only Admins

As of September 16, 2019, there were 885 registered members and 25,719 posts in 2,787 threads.