Hand Me My Robes

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Name: Hand Me My Robes
Date(s): 14 April 2005 - c. 2006
Archivist: leftsockarchive, Allison, and angylinni
Type: adult het fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: handmemyrobes.com via Wayback Machine
handmemyrobes at LiveJournal (defunct)
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Hand Me My Robes was a Harry Potter archive for adult-rated het fanfiction. Mods included leftsockarchive, Allison, and angylinni.

Hand Me My Robes accepted R and NC-17 het fanfiction, including threesomes and incest, as well as gen stories with adult content. It did not accept crossovers or real-person fiction, but had no content restrictions regarding kinks or squicks. Background slash pairings were permitted as long as the main pairing was het.[1]

There was an associated LiveJournal community called handmemyrobes, which "issue[d] challenges and fic drives" and was a place for members to "find a beta, get concrit, or discuss stories".[2] The community has since been deleted.

As of September 2006, there were 222 stories archived from around 75 authors.[3][4]

Home page, captured 03 May 2005


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