Hall of Fire

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Name: Hall of Fire
Date(s): 2003-present
Archivist: Cristine Cook-Fireheart
Founder: Cristine Cook-Fireheart
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://www.hall-of-fire.com/
Hall Of Fire.png
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Hall of Fire is an archive of Middle Earth inspired fiction & art. It contains the works of 58 authors. The archive was last updated in April 2004.

The site is affiliated with the Mithril Awards.[1]

Description from Eowyn's Musings:

An Archive of Elf-Centric Fiction; they have some really good stories there :) BTW, this archive has replaced the old Elf Lore and Elf Lust.[2]

Description from Scared of Sunlight:

Lots and lots of Elf-related fanfic; het, slash and a special section for the Twins![3]


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